​​​Kismutt Dog 


Welcome  to  the  home  of  Kismutt  Rescue!

Kismutt Rescue is nestled on 50 acres of prime farmland 10 minutes South of St. Marys, Ontario.  The facility is bright, clean and climate controlled with all the amenities for the dogs comfort and well being.  It boasts a large fenced in play area, laundry facilities and  Kuranda Beds for each and every kennel, complete with soft blankets.  However, you are welcome to bring your own blanket if your dog has a favorite one :)

If you are looking to board your dog,

please call us at 519-619-6203


email kismutt@xplornet.com

Cost of kennel boarding a dog is $30.00 per day plus HST. 

In-house dog sitting is $35.00 per day plus HST.

What to bring with your dog: 

Food, treats, any medications your dog is taking and a favorite blanket or doggie bed if he/she has one. 

You do not need to bring leashes or dog dishes as we use ours.