​​​Kismutt Dog Rescue



Adoption is the loving option!

Kismutt Dog Rescue, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to saving and re-homing dogs in need.  We are committed to alleviating the pet-overpopulation epidemic by spaying and neutering every dog within our program, and providing them with any other medical care that they may require.

Kismutt, is run soley by volunteers and is completely reliant on private donation. 

We are a labour of love.

Our goal is to find loving forever homes for homeless dogs who deserve a second chance at life.  Whether these dogs come from a puppy mill or from an over crowded shelter, you can be assured they will bring happiness and joy to your family.

Kismutt, also provides dog boarding for the public.  Please visit our Kismutt Facility page to learn more.

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Kismet, also Kismutt (kiz'met): 

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