In this episode we talk to Debbie MaQueen. Debbie was recently featured on the CBC program “The National” where they shine a light on a puppy broker by the name of Oksana Medvedev. An international importer of French Bulldogs, many of which are fraught with disease and a whole host of genetic ailments. With countless of Oksana’s victims coming forward the CBC decided to produce multiple segments which can be found on their social media channels.
Oksana sold Debbie’s family a puppy who they named Eddie. What she didn’t tell them was that Oksana’s vet had diagnosed Eddie with a heart problem. Rather than disclosing that information to Debbie and her family, she willingly altered the vet documents by removing the heart condition putting Eddie’s life on the line and Debbie’s family in turmoil. This is Eddie’s story.

In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with Camille Labchuk from Animal Justice. Canada’s leading national animal law advocacy organization. Camille is one of Canada’s leading animal rights lawyers and has been working to help and protect animals for over a decade. Camille has a long list of work from exposing animal cruelty, campaigns against trophy hunting, circuses, zoos, aquariums, shark finning, puppy mills and more. She is also co-host of the podcast paw & order.


In this episode Jay confronts the puppy broker that sold her and her young family a dying dog. Little did she know he was a well known CONVICTED puppy mill broker. In 2013, Robert Penner was sentenced two years of probation after being found guilty of cruelty to animals after 73 dogs were removed from his property. He had also been ordered not to be involved with breeding or selling animals and paid nearly $8,500 in restitution to the Ontario SPCA.




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Puppy Killers Trailer

In this episode we talk to Brenda Kuomo-Watson who was also featured on the CBC's The National segment about puppy importers and brokers. Brenda is one of the founders of the French Bulldog Club of Central Canada and is a long time CKC member. We cover a wide range of topics regarding importers and brokers along with how they operate, things to look out for and more...

In this episode Kimberly Thomas details her experience fighting Ontario puppy mills for 20 years, what to look for when buying a puppy, and how to avoid the purchase of a sick and dying dog.

Ontario is infested with puppy mills and puppy brokers. They are responsible for continuously selling sick and dying puppies to unsuspecting dog lovers. We are here to spread awareness and share some tips and advice to avoid being duped by these disgusting people as well as share stories of some of their victims.

Please do your research before buying a puppy and do not buy a puppy from Kijiji.