Big Bertha
BREED: Mastiff
SEX: Female/Spayed
WEIGHT: 95 Pounds
AGE: 4-6 years old
ADOPTION FEE: 350.00 plus HST
LOCATION: Kismutt Facility - 10 Minutes South St. Marys, ON

Big Bertha, as she was named, came to Kismutt as a stray. She was a stray in Toronto and came to the Kismutt Facility to find a home.

Big Bertha, loves people. She takes a few minutes to warm up to you and then she melts like butter in your hands. Bertha, loves her treats, loves to play ball, loves to just follow you around and is very good riding in the car.

Bertha, is good with some dogs and others she is not. She does not like a dog who tries to dominate her by getting in her face, growling or trying to hump her! She will put that dog in their place real fast!

I have two Pitties, both male, both calm well mannered dogs and she gets on with them really really well. She has no issues at all with them.

I have a little Beagle here, however, who is very in your face type dog, who likes to bark at Bertha and generally is just a pain in the butt.....Bertha, does not like her one bit!

Therefore, it will depend on the type of dog who will get on with Bertha if she were to go to a home with another dog.

I would recommend no cats. She shows "curiosity" in them, so to be on the safe side, I would not leave her alone with cats. I am going to go by the way of being cautious and say, "no cats".

Bertha, is truly a big ole love bug, who needs someone who has lots of time for her and spoil her rotten. She really loves to be around her people.

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