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We call ourselves Kismutt Small Dog Rescue because the word kismet means fate or destiny.  Our mission is to alter the course of destiny for dogs in need, dogs that have been abandoned or abused, or are in danger of being euthanized. We provide them with a happier, more deserving fate by placing them in loving permanent homes.  Kismutt Small Dog Rescue was created to help counteract the pet-overpopulation epidemic facing North America today.  For whatever reason, our society has deemed pets a disposable commodity, to be acquired and discarded at will.  Millions of pets are senselessly destroyed every year.  The shelters we work with have no choice but to euthanize perfectly loving animals to make way for the endless stream of new animals that arrive at their door each day.


Our beautiful dogs come to us mainly from puppy mills right here in Ontario.  Kismutt Rescue specializes in the rehabilitation and medical needs of the unwanted dogs that the mills would otherwise dispose of.  However, we will not turn away any dog in need whether it be from a pound or an owner surrender.  Our dogs are spayed/neutered, receive comprehensive medical care, love, security, and basic training so they will make the best possible companions for their new families.

Please Help


Kismutt Small Dog Rescue is a labour of love.  We are not funded by any government body and rely solely on the kindness of animal lovers to make private donations or volunteer their time.  Thank you for joining us at our website. Please feel free to look around! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Be the one to change a dog’s destiny!  You can make a difference!